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What Thriving in the Wild Looks Like

We are thrivin’ in this wild! Taylor’s dad and regular guest, Jonnyboy, joins us for season one’s season finale episode. When he joined launch week he had recently been diagnosed with Leukemia and now we are happy to report his prognosis is much more positive than anticipated.

We share the journey that it was pushing through survival mode into thriving in the wild of cancer! Along with that, he details how the experience provided an opportunity to reflect on what he’s always wanted to do and how he went about doing just that. Which also includes a dream with Dax Shepard, so if you’re listening Dax (he usually does) we have a proposition for you. But we don’t just stop there, this is a highly entertaining episode that will leave you wanting more in season 2.

Here’s what you’ll also learn in this episode:

· Why he decided to purchase and RV, and his Road Trip Plans

· His Dream Road trip with Dax Shepard

· What it’s Like Being in the Cockpit

· Wildest Experience Flying

· What He’s Learned From Other Cultures

· Advice for Anyone with Flight Anxiety

· Are Aliens Real & Space Adventures

· What’s Really at Area 51

· How He Tricked Alex & I into Still Believing in Santa

· The Best Gift He’s Ever Received

Thank you for everyone who’s joined us in season 1 and the incredible support we’ve received, this is a growing community that we’re grateful you’re a part of. Stay tuned for all things season 2 as we have some great things in store for you!

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