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At the end of the road, what will be said about your life?

How you lived, how you handled the hard days, 

or how you honored the best ones?

My journey isn't the same as yours, our twist

and turns, they don't look the same.

But for us both, we've chosen to brave the unknown.

The stories we share, the lessons learned,

and the choices we've made to keep showing up...

this is our road map.

I'm taking the leap and happy to have you with me

in this newest chapter. An adventure lies ahead.

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"Dynamic. Impactful. Empathetic. Taylor is the voice we all need when reminding ourselves of what we are truly capable of. And the comic relief we for sure all need to keep us going."

- Elizabeth Evans, 

Podcast Producer 


"Taylor is a FORCE! She’s got big dreams plus the bias towards taking action.  The result:  Magic seems to happen all around her.  I’ve watched her set goals and achieve them again and again and “Thrivin' In the Wild”

is no different." 

- Debbie Mitchell, 

Career Coach 


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