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The Power of Your Authentic Self with Molly Lee

Get ready to get real and laugh with us, not at us, well maybe a little. We are joined by, Molly Lee, the host of the Painfully Self-Aware Podcast and a content creator.

Laughter has been her guiding force, but she shares how embracing her authenticity has helped her reach her truest potential.

And like so many in 2020, Molly’s life has taken a full 180. Back in March, while sheltering in place, she released a hilarious video of her at-home waxing that was an overnight viral sensation. The video got picked up by 1000s of news outlets, including Good Morning America, skyrocketing her social success.

It was such a pleasure to talk to Molly & I think you’ll get a few laughs out of this one. Her energy is contagious.

Tune in to hear her reflect on this past year, while also acknowledging her own personal growth keeping it real online & in real life. If you haven’t yet, please rate Thrivin’ in the Wild and subscribe to hear more. Let us know what you want to want to hear in the reviews.

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