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Social Media: The Real Impact feat. Dude Perfect's Cody Jones

In today’s society the aim for social media perfection is high and the pressure that comes with it is even higher. Making sure you’re posting the right thing, have the best caption and always striving to grow your accounts. Hosts Taylor and Alex Stern reflect on the constant stress they’ve felt through social media. Taylor shares the lessons she learned through handling social media for the Dallas Cowboys for 6 years and Alex opens up about the story of their viral Tiger King TikTok.

Dude Perfect’s Cody Jones joins for engaging conversation about how Dude Perfect went from being something fun with his college best friends to now a million dollar franchise with one of the most subscribed to YouTube channels in the world. Dude Perfect’s content took the internet by storm in 2009 with trick shot and stunt videos. Now 11 years later the group has grown into a global brand, launching a mobile app, hosting a television show, traveling the country for their arena tour and even releasing their documentary.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Balancing Authenticity on Social Media

  • Letting go of “being relevant”

  • How Dude Perfect went from a fun idea to an international brand

  • Why Dude Perfect Didn’t Focus on the Views & Followers

  • What We Didn’t Tell Anyone About the Tiger King TikTok

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