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Finding the Good in it All - Top Takeaways from 2020 Guests

As we’re wrapping up 2020 host, Taylor Stern, shares how she was able to flip the script in 2020 and find in the good in the wild that was this past year. This time last year she was in the thick of a job interview for a position she thought she wanted and details the lessons she learned from the process that changed the way she approached 2020.

While so many are grateful to see the close of this year, there was still so much to learn from our guests. Taylor pulls top takeaways from each and reflects on how we can apply to each of our lives. From Chris Harrison’s fearless mentality to Katie Nolan stepping away from what she thought she was meant to do. You’re guaranteed to walk away from this episode with a lesson to further your growth in 2021.

What You’ll Learn:

· How to Find the Good in Each Situation

· Chasing Progress Not Perfectionism

· Building an Unapologetic Confidence

· Letting Go of The Opinion of Others

· Creating Your Successful Environment

· Making Peace a Priority

· What You Can Take with You in 2021

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