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Chris Harrison - How His Life Came Up Roses

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

November 17th

Taylor Stern

Chris Harrison - How His Life Came Up Roses

Chris Harrison, Host of The Bachelor Franchise, joins Taylor Stern for a lively and candid conversation that will leave you inspired.

He discusses this leap and how it changed his life forever. Throughout his time on The Bachelor, Chis has gained a perspective on what makes the great ones great and he shares the one thing that always sets them apart. It all came up roses, but learning how it was planted is the real beauty.

Key Topics:

- His Dream of Being a Sports Broadcaster

- The leap of faith that originally took him to California

- The wisdom he learned from his role models about Hard Work

- How he got the role of the Host of the Bachelor Franchise

- His new collaboration with Manly Brand

- His passion for service & shedding on Mental Health Awareness

- Advice to his younger self

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