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25 Dating & Relationship Tips From You...

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Thank YOU for sending in your best advice for dating and relationships to us. We put this list together with all of your best tips and wisdom!

Which ones ring the truest for you?

1. Learn to truly love yourself before you try to love someone.

2. Communication is key.

3. Find happiness in being alone so when you're with someone, they'll add value and not be in your life just to fill a void.

4. Be unapologetic about what truly matters to you & respect what matters to your partner.

5. Never stop learning about yourself and your partner.

6. In order to be honest with your partner, you first have to be honest with yourself.

7. Spend real quality time together, put phones away, and be present.

8. LISTEN, listen, listen before saying something impulsive.

9. Your confidence, self esteem, and happiness is your own responsibility.

10. Know both of your love languages.

11. Be the person you want to be and start today. You don't need someone else for that.

13. If they want to be with you, you will know.

14. Always put the effort in to do the little things that matter most.

15. Don't settle for less than what you deserve.

16. Get separate orders of fries. Always.

17. You and your partner don't need the same friends or to go everywhere together.

18. No one is perfect.

19. Don't look for someone that completes your happiness. Find someone that adds to it.

20. Always try to compromise but never compromise on your values.

21. Go to therapy.

22. Always preface your expectations up front.

23. Find a way to embrace where you're at in your journey, every dating path is individual.

24. Relationships are the healthiest when they're not forced.

25. Don't accept nonsense but also give the grace you would want to be treated with.

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